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Adventure to Eco Earth

DATE  2014


Adventure to Eco Earth: Eco Animals! by Rick and Lisa Fisher, is an entertaining and thought-provoking picture book for the juvenile set, and (forever) young adults who love reading to kids and seeing fantastical art. A joyous, whimsical world, the Fishers’ imagined Eco Earth is perfectly balanced by such evolved Eco Animals as the Oracular Owl, Hovering Hogcraft, Orbital Lemmings, and Trashmaster Toad, who appear among 40 colorful art works by Fisher. The tale is told by an eccentric Icelandic chef transported to Eco Earth by friendly time-space-traveling Eco Animals to help him resolve Earth’s environmental crisis. His travels through the enchanted land, led by the Duck Dirigible, Mangomobile, Otter R&R Vessel, and Shuttleduck, reveal how diverse, creative approaches to sustainable living—and delectable edibles—can help save his home planet. To achieve his goal, however, the Icelandic adventurer must first help his Eco Animal friends overcome the dangers of a time/space rupture between the universe bubbles of present-day Earth and Eco Earth—which threaten its very survival.