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Rick Fisher is an artist based in Santa Fe who has shown work since the late 1960s. His formal study of art included certificate programs in Italy and Mexico, BA from Trinity University, MA from the University of New Mexico, and MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. His practice focuses on art objects related to those created since the beginning of history, whose purpose is to ritually catalyze, document, and connect humanity to the natural world and cosmological phenomena, and other larger systems of which it is a part. Remaining free from any one particular form, Fisher’s award-winning work explores common themes across a diverse array of media: castings of sand from beaches and dry river beds brought into the gallery; solar-aligned sculptures constructed from recycled industrial detritus; two-dimensional representations of “ambiguous solids” to provoke meditation on larger systems that remain at the edges of human comprehension. Fisher served as a professor of sculpture, printmaking, and drawing at the Framingham State College in Massachusetts, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, University of New Mexico, and the College of Santa Fe, where he also supported the work of others in the community—founding and curating a public exhibition series for sculptors, an annual project that earned recognition in an award for Excellence in the Arts from the City of Santa Fe.