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You Are Here: The Milan Columns - 2017

DATE 2016
MEDIUM Mixed Media: Digital composite, photographs, tubes, wood
SIZE 20' x 24' x 8'
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TimePeace - 2016


DATE 2016
MEDIUM Travertine Marble and Earthworks
SIZE 28′ X 28′ X 6′



Shadow of central solar marker stone, cut to angles of Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice sun altitude, falls on ground stones to record meaningful dates.…

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Timepeace (in progress) - 2015

DATE  2015
MEDIUM  Travertine Marble and base
SIZE  6′ X 4′ x 6′


Shadow of central solar marker stone, cut to angles of Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice sun altitude, falls on ground stones to record meaningful dates.…

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Memorial to Collateral Damage - 2015

DATE 2015
MEDIUM Maquette, bronze and wood base
SIZE 12″ X 6″ X  4″     scale: 1″ = 5′ – 0″


Tragically, collateral damage, i.e. the killing of innocent civilians in war, continues to be carried out at a horrendous rate in wars worldwide.…

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The Warriors: A Love Story - 2013

DATE 2013
MEDIUM Mixed Media, Photography and Video
SIZE HD Video 1920px x 1080px
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Solar Shrine - 2011

DATE  2011

Descriptive text goes here.…

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Pentecost - 1992


Harvest V - 1991

DATE 1991
MEDIUM  Hay Bales and Steel
SIZE  3″ X 3′ X 9′


Created for the “Mile of Sculpture” exhibition in 1991, this temporary installation piece was sited in front of the old St.…

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Pacifica Sun Portal II - 1990

DATE 1989
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 24′ X 22′ X 24′


This piece is the first of two sculptures referencing the Rancho Pacifico land grant area (now parts of Long Beach and Compton, CA).…

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Victoria Triad - 1989

DATE 1989
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 34′ X 34′ X 24′ (including planting circle)


Three vertical elements are aligned to sunrise and sunset points on the horizon at Winter/Summer Solstices (Lt., Rt), and north/south (the central vertical).…

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North Star Window - 1989

DATE 1989
MEDIUM Fabricated Bronze
SIZE 18′ X 18′ X 24′


Located on Hunting Drive in Monrovia, CA, this piece is oriented toward the North Star and suggests a cubic Earth symbol with wings (or solar panels?).…

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Pacifica Sun Portal I - 1988

Monrovia Sunshapes - 1988

DATE 1988
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 44′ X 36′ X 7′  (installation size)


Located on Huntington drive in Monrovia, CA, this piece is derived from ancient stone dolmens found worldwide.…

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Solstice Arch - 1987

DATE 1987
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 16′ X 8′ X 7′


Across the street from Monrovia Sunshapes on Huntington Drive in Monrovia, CA, this piece is oriented toward the Summer Solstice sunset and Winter Solstice sunrise at that location.…

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Sunhenge Park - 1987

DATE 1987
MEDIUM Found steel parts and Earthworks
SIZE 210′ X 80′ X 18′


This permanent solar-aligned installation was built to preserve a memory  of the previous U.S. Steel plant site.…

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Solar Tone Towers - 1986

DATE 1986
MEDIUM  Concrete and Steel
SIZE  110′ X 50′ X 28′


Located in greater L.A. (City of Commerce, CA), a central tower with wind chimes is aligned facing due West (East behind), with flanking elements indicating Solstice and Equinox sunrise/sunset positions on the horizon.…

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Zambrano Sunwheel - 1986

DATE 1986
MEDIUM  Painted Steel and Earthworks
SIZE  45′ X 32′ X 30′


Fabricated from salvaged parts of the obsolete U.S. Steel plant, the “Sunwheel” directs light through the diagonal steel tube into an underground chamber twice a year.…

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Skylines - 1985

DATE 1985
MEDIUM 16′ X 9′ X 30′
SIZE  Stainless Steel


Located at Commerce Business Park in the City of Commerce, CA, this piece frames the entrance into the building.…

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Plum Island Tidal Disk - 1985

DATE 1985
MEDIUM Bronze from Sand cast original
SIZE 24″ Diam X 1/2″ thick


Descriptive text goes here.…

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Sanctuary II - 1984

DATE 1984
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE  8′ X 8′ X 10′


One of several solar-aligned public sculptures derived from ancient stone dolmens.  A “notch” in the circular, south-facing “capstone” element allows a beam of sunlight to fall on the tallest vertical element, indicating the summer and winter solstices.…

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Sanctuary - 1983

DATE 1983 1983
MEDIUM Mixed Media Istallation
SIZE 30′ X 30′ X 14′


Sanctuary was a one month mixed media installation at the Lopoquime/Nydak Gallery in Boston, MA. The hanging element was aligned to the cardinal directions, as were the wall mounted Beach Castings.…

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Eyebeam Sungate - 1983

DATE 1983
MEDIUM  Steel and concrete
SIZE  28' X 4' X 36'
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Solar Arcs - 1983

Created in 1983 for the Denny’s World Headquarters in Anaheim, CA, the atrium installation included five kinetic, hanging aluminum elements. When entry doors on the first floor were opened and closed, changing air currents in the atrium randomly moved the elements. …

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Northlake Star Kite - 1982

DATE 1982
MEDIUM Patinaed Brass
SIZE 28′ X 6′ X 30′


Seven suspended elements suggest a progression of concept and emotion through their variations in form.  I also conceived them as 3-D symbols akin to letters or words.…

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Solar Wind Quintet - 1982

DATE 1982
MEDIUM Painted Steel
SIZE 40′ X 40′ X 8′


Truck parts were originally cut from 5′ X 8′ steel plates, leaving these pieces to be scrapped. They were cut/”folded” and welded back together to create the five solar-aligned elements.…

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Solar Family - 1981

DATE 1981
SIZE  50′ X 30′ X 28′


Ironically, the solar-aligned group came from a 62-ton, 40-foot long steel tube, part of equipment used at the U.S. Steel plant to make sections of the first Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. …

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Matrix - 1980

DATE 1980
MEDIUM Mixed Media Istallation
SIZE  40′ X 40′ X 12′


Site-specific installation at the Danforth Museum, Framingham, MA. “Doorways” in the (Fibonacci Series determined) curved pathway were aligned to Solar coordinates on the (outside) horizon.…

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Interface - 1979

DATE 1979
MEDIUM Mixed Media Installation
SIZE  40′ X 30′ X 10;



Installation at Tufts University Visual Arts Gallery, Medford, MA. Site Specific installation dealt with the interface of Earth and sky (beach castings and Celestial alignment) and the dualistic point of balance between high and low tides (castings were made from the intertidal zone).…

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Solar Whale Song Shrine (Maquette) - 1976

DATE 1976
MEDIUM Pit Fired Clay
SIZE 18″ X 18″ X 3″


Maquette for permanent installation project in collaboration with Charles Mattox (not built). Designed for Santa Barbara, CA, the piece was meant to be a site for interaction with migrating whales.…

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Sol Marker II - 1974

DATE 1974
MEDIUM Mixed Media
SIZE  6′ X 3′ X 9′


An Earth Casting from a site in El Valle, NM, oriented true East/West, records the Summer Solstice. At solar noon, shadows from the top brass rings fall on a corresponding arrangement of small brass pins in the “earth” surface.…

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Solar Altitude Disk - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay and Wood
SIZE 14″ Diam. X 2.5″


Aligned true N-S on a verticle outside wall, the sun’s altitude  off of the horizon on the Equinoxes corresponds with markings on the disk.…

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Silverlace - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Steel and Planting
SIZE 9′ X 9′ X 3″ (variable with planting)

Found wagon-wheel rims provide a sculptural trellis for Silver Lace Vine (see detail). The seasonally-changing piece celebrates growth, life, and a fusion of sacred geometric shapes.…

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Earth Altar III - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM  Mixed-Media Installation
SIZE  12′ x 4′ x 12′

Installation at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery. Includes Earth castings, Stone Nugget hanging, maquette of the Earth Mother Shrine, Nugget 21, barn wood, and earth.…

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Earth Mother Shrine - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM Mixed Media
SIZE 14′ X 8′ X 5′




Built on the campus of the University of New Mexico to celebrate the second annual Earth Day, it contains two small chambers, aligned true North/South.…

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Earthcast - 1971

DATE 1970
MEDIUM  Plaster, earth
SIZE 24″ Diam. X 2.5″


One of the first in an ongoing series of earth castings in a variety of media. Usually shown in groups, to indicate the direction and continuity of water and wind patterns, they are located in installations to designate solar coordinates on the horizon.…

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Snow Nuggets - 1970

DATE 1970
SIZE  20′ X 6′ X 3′


Nambe New Mexico. Further evolution of the Nugget concept to a time-based, outdoor, process piece. Nuggets changed form while melting away over a three day period.…

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