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Timepeace (in progress) - 2015

DATE  2015
MEDIUM  Travertine Marble and base
SIZE  6′ X 4′ x 6′


Shadow of central solar marker stone, cut to angles of Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice sun altitude, falls on ground stones to record meaningful dates.…

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Harvest V - 1991

DATE 1991
MEDIUM  Hay Bales and Steel
SIZE  3″ X 3′ X 9′


Created for the “Mile of Sculpture” exhibition in 1991, this temporary installation piece was sited in front of the old St.…

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Pacifica Sun Portal I - 1988


Sunhenge Park - 1987

DATE 1987
MEDIUM Found steel parts and Earthworks
SIZE 210′ X 80′ X 18′


This permanent solar-aligned installation was built to preserve a memory  of the previous U.S. Steel plant site.…

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Solar Tone Towers - 1986

DATE 1986
MEDIUM  Concrete and Steel
SIZE  110′ X 50′ X 28′


Located in greater L.A. (City of Commerce, CA), a central tower with wind chimes is aligned facing due West (East behind), with flanking elements indicating Solstice and Equinox sunrise/sunset positions on the horizon.…

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Plum Island Tidal Disk - 1985

DATE 1985
MEDIUM Bronze from Sand cast original
SIZE 24″ Diam X 1/2″ thick


Descriptive text goes here.…

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Sol Marker II - 1974

DATE 1974
MEDIUM Mixed Media
SIZE  6′ X 3′ X 9′


An Earth Casting from a site in El Valle, NM, oriented true East/West, records the Summer Solstice. At solar noon, shadows from the top brass rings fall on a corresponding arrangement of small brass pins in the “earth” surface.…

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Silverlace - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Steel and Planting
SIZE 9′ X 9′ X 3″ (variable with planting)

Found wagon-wheel rims provide a sculptural trellis for Silver Lace Vine (see detail). The seasonally-changing piece celebrates growth, life, and a fusion of sacred geometric shapes.…

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Earth Mother Shrine - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM Mixed Media
SIZE 14′ X 8′ X 5′




Built on the campus of the University of New Mexico to celebrate the second annual Earth Day, it contains two small chambers, aligned true North/South.…

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Earthcast - 1971

DATE 1970
MEDIUM  Plaster, earth
SIZE 24″ Diam. X 2.5″


One of the first in an ongoing series of earth castings in a variety of media. Usually shown in groups, to indicate the direction and continuity of water and wind patterns, they are located in installations to designate solar coordinates on the horizon.…

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Snow Nuggets - 1970

DATE 1970
SIZE  20′ X 6′ X 3′


Nambe New Mexico. Further evolution of the Nugget concept to a time-based, outdoor, process piece. Nuggets changed form while melting away over a three day period.…

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Ritual Nuggets V - 1970

DATE 1970
MEDIUM  Raku-fired Stoneware
SIZE  6′ X 12″ X 3′-8″


These pieces were used to commemorate the separation of five friends at the end of undergraduate college years. After a campfire celebration sharing songs, memories, and tall tales, all went their different ways, each with one of the pieces, ritualizing their connectedness into the future.…

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