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Solar Whale Song Shrine (Maquette) - 1976

DATE 1976
MEDIUM Pit Fired Clay
SIZE 18″ X 18″ X 3″


Maquette for permanent installation project in collaboration with Charles Mattox (not built). Designed for Santa Barbara, CA, the piece was meant to be a site for interaction with migrating whales.…

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Homage to the Sunstone - 1975

DATE 1975
MEDIUM Mixed Media
SIZE 18″ X 18″ X 8″


A seemingly carved ancient stone inspired four surrounding interpretations of how it may have looked before weathering. The piece was shown at the 1975 Museum of New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts (Biennial exhibition) Santa Fe, NM.…

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Solar Altitude Disk - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay and Wood
SIZE 14″ Diam. X 2.5″


Aligned true N-S on a verticle outside wall, the sun’s altitude  off of the horizon on the Equinoxes corresponds with markings on the disk.…

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Spacetime - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay
SIZE 12″ X 2″ X 14″


Reflects an involvement in solar design/construction at the time, and its ancient history based in spiritual practices. The relativity theory-related title references a continuum of universal knowledge that transcends time and space.…

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Ritual Game - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay and Wood
SIZE 10″ X 2″ X 30″


An intuitive game in which there are no rules, winners, or losers. Players take turns rotating the elliptical elements and movable ceramic shells.…

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Ambiguous Solid #12 - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay, Wood
SIZE 13″ Diam. X  2″

An early variation on the “Ambiguous Solid” concept which explores spatial perception, numerology, and sacred geometry.


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Earth Altar III - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM  Mixed-Media Installation
SIZE  12′ x 4′ x 12′

Installation at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery. Includes Earth castings, Stone Nugget hanging, maquette of the Earth Mother Shrine, Nugget 21, barn wood, and earth.…

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