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Earth Altar III - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM  Mixed-Media Installation
SIZE  12′ x 4′ x 12′

Installation at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery. Includes Earth castings, Stone Nugget hanging, maquette of the Earth Mother Shrine, Nugget 21, barn wood, and earth.…

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Ambiguous Solid #12 - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay, Wood
SIZE  13″ Diam. X 2″

An early variation on the “Ambiguous Solid” concept which explores spatial perception, planes of reality, and sacred geometry.


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Ritual Game - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay and Wood
SIZE 10″ X 2″ X 30″


An intuitive game in which there are no rules, winners, or losers. Players take turns rotating the elliptical elements and movable ceramic shells.…

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Spacetime - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM Pit-fired Clay
SIZE 12″ X 2″ X 14″


Reflects an involvement in solar design/construction at the time, and its ancient history based in spiritual practices. The relativity theory related title references a continuum of universal knowledge that transcends time and space.…

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Solar Altitude Disk - 1972

DATE 1972
MEDIUM  Pit-fired Clay and Wood
SIZE 14″ Diam. X 2.5″


Aligned true N-S on a verticle outside wall, altitude of the sun off of the horizon on the Equinoxes corresponds with markings on the disk.…

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Homage to Sunstone - 1975

DATE 1975

Descriptive text goes here.…

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