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Pacifica Sun Portal II - 1990

DATE 1989
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 24′ X 22′ X 24′


This piece is the first of two sculptures referencing the Rancho Pacifico land grant area (now parts of Long Beach and Compton, CA).…

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Victoria Triad - 1989

DATE 1989
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 34′ X 34′ X 24′ (including planting circle)


Three vertical elements are aligned to sunrise and sunset points on the horizon at Winter/Summer Solstices (Lt., Rt), and north/south (the central vertical).…

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Pacifica Sun Portal I - 1988

Monrovia Sunshapes - 1988

DATE 1988
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 44′ X 36′ X 7′  (installation size)


Located on Huntington drive in Monrovia, CA, this piece is derived from ancient stone dolmens found worldwide.…

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Solstice Arch - 1987

DATE 1987
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE 16′ X 8′ X 7′


Across the street from Monrovia Sunshapes on Huntington Drive in Monrovia, CA, this piece is oriented toward the Summer Solstice sunset and Winter Solstice sunrise at that location.…

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Solar Tone Towers - 1986

DATE 1986
MEDIUM  Concrete and Steel
SIZE  110′ X 50′ X 28′


Located in greater L.A. (City of Commerce, CA), a central tower with wind chimes is aligned facing due West (East behind), with flanking elements indicating Solstice and Equinox sunrise/sunset positions on the horizon.…

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Sanctuary II - 1984

DATE 1984
MEDIUM Concrete and Steel
SIZE  8′ X 8′ X 10′


One of several solar-aligned public sculptures derived from ancient stone dolmens.  A “notch” in the circular, south-facing “capstone” element allows a beam of sunlight to fall on the tallest vertical element, indicating the summer and winter solstices.…

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Eyebeam Sungate - 1983

DATE 1983
MEDIUM  Steel and concrete
SIZE  28' X 4' X 36'
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