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Plum Island Tidal Disk - 2007

DATE 2007
MEDIUM Glass from Bronze copy of Sand Cast
SIZE 22″ Diam. X  1/4″ thick


Slump cast directly from a bronze casting, this first glass copy interacted with the bronze patina to produce an integral red coloration.…

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August Rain - 2006

DATE  2006
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Flash Flood (August) - 2006

DATE  2006

Descriptive text goes here.…

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Current Chart - 1985

DATE 1985
SIZE 24″ diam. X 2″


Beach casting from Plum Island, MA.…

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Plum Island Tidal Disk - 1985

DATE 1985
MEDIUM Bronze from Sand cast original
SIZE 24″ Diam X 1/2″ thick


Descriptive text goes here.…

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Sanctuary - 1983

DATE 1983 1983
MEDIUM Mixed Media Istallation
SIZE 30′ X 30′ X 14′


Sanctuary was a one month mixed media installation at the Lopoquime/Nydak Gallery in Boston, MA. The hanging element was aligned to the cardinal directions, as were the wall mounted Beach Castings.…

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Three Spaces: Three Visions - 1980

DATE 1980, Massachusetts College of Art
MEDIUM  Beach Castings, Mixed Media
SIZE  40′ X 30′ X 12′


Beach castings from Plum Island, Massachusetts.…

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Interface - 1979

DATE 1979
MEDIUM Mixed Media Installation
SIZE  40′ X 30′ X 10;



Installation at Tufts University Visual Arts Gallery, Medford, MA. Site Specific installation dealt with the interface of Earth and sky (beach castings and Celestial alignment) and the dualistic point of balance between high and low tides (castings were made from the intertidal zone).…

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Plum Island Tidal Disk - 1978

DATE 1978
MEDIUM Plexiglass, plaster, sand
SIZE 24″ Diam X 3″ Deep


First of a series of beach castings from Plum Island, MA. Later cast in Bronze and Glass. Many of the beach casts were taken from the intertidal zone (while the tide was out).…

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Journey III - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM Ceramic and Wood
SIZE 23″ X 6″ X 18″

One of eighteen elements in the installation “Earth Altar III,” exhibited at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.…

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Earth Altar III - 1971

DATE 1971
MEDIUM  Mixed-Media Installation
SIZE  12′ x 4′ x 12′

Installation at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery. Includes Earth castings, Stone Nugget hanging, maquette of the Earth Mother Shrine, Nugget 21, barn wood, and earth.…

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Earthcast - 1971

DATE 1970
MEDIUM  Plaster, earth
SIZE 24″ Diam. X 2.5″


One of the first in an ongoing series of earth castings in a variety of media. Usually shown in groups, to indicate the direction and continuity of water and wind patterns, they are located in installations to designate solar coordinates on the horizon.…

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