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Harvest III

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Descriptive text goes here.…

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Mythalennial II

DATE 2017
SIZE 4.5″ X 2.75″ X 3.5″


One of a series of mythological animals for our time. The Mythalennial is an interesting three-snouted creature that can look in three directions at once, yet still not know where it is located in time and space.…

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The Amazing Rockers

DATE 2017
SIZE 6″ X 2″ X 8″


These performance artists are able to defy gravity while vigorously rocking to and fro, confounding even the most skilled Cirque du Soleil stars.…

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Curls Pelvis with Drawings

DATE  2001


Descriptive text goes here.…

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Harvest V

DATE 1991
MEDIUM  Hay Bales and Steel
SIZE  3″ X 3′ X 9′


Created for the “Mile of Sculpture” exhibition in 1991, this temporary installation piece was sited in front of the old St.…

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Pacifica Sun Portal 1

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Solar Arcs

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Journey III

DATE 1971
MEDIUM Ceramic and Wood
SIZE 23″ X 6″ X 18″

One of eighteen elements in the installation “Earth Altar III,” exhibited at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.…

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Ritual Nuggets V

DATE 1970
MEDIUM  Raku-fired Stoneware
SIZE  6′ X 12″ X 3′-8″


These pieces were used to commemorate the separation of five friends at the end of undergraduate college years. After a campfire celebration sharing songs, memories, and tall tales, all went their different ways, each with one of the pieces, ritualizing their connectedness into the future.…

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